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my favorite hockey player calls me "mom".

DIY Hockey Dangler

My son's 12th birthday is coming up. He really wants a computer but I don't have the funds at the moment and frankly I feel like birthday #13 is a much bigger deal, entering the teen years, far more worthy of such a big gift. So I'm instead giving a gift that ties in with his biggest passion: hockey.

Sam has been playing hockey since he was 4. Literally, two thirds of his life. We have a net in the backyard but the surface is lousy for shooting. The next thing I'm going to make as part of his gift is a sweet shooting surface for around $10. They retail for $40-$90 or more, depending on size...and the size I'm making is about 3x the size of the surfaces that sell for $90. It only takes about 10 minutes to make. Stay tuned.

First, I made this DIY hockey dangler. This is for improving puck handling skills. Sam spent several years as a goalie so he doesn't have as much experience puck handling as his teammates (though he has gotten really good!). Also, I have recently taken up hockey myself and I have terrible puck handling skills so I'm sure I'll use it as well. 

Keep in mind I am not in any way qualified to teach anyone how to construct anything. Watch and learn (or roll your eyes).

Tool needed: 

Cordless drill 


Shopping list:

4 long screws (long enough to go through your wood, bolt and into a puck)

4 bolts

4 pucks

Sand paper & paint (or you an omit and keep the wood look)


If you want to make it higher to use with street hockey balls then simply use two pucks at each location...just make sure there's enough clearance so the ball doesn't get caught (and buy longer screws).