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Thanks for visiting! This is site is still under construction.

The founder of this site is Cara Carriveau. Being a hockey Mom is an integral part of Cara's life. Cara's 12 year old son has been playing hockey since he was 4 so she has spent a great deal of time inside many cold hockey rinks. The bond between hockey parents tend to become strong,  just like the bond between teammates and coaches. This site celebrates that wonderful aspect of hockey life and also aims to be helpful to new hockey parents looking for information and advice.  

In her quest to better understand her son's experience playing hockey Cara is now in a beginners adult hockey league herself. She couldn't even skate when she started learning how to play hockey a few months ago. She is still terrible at puck handling and the slowest skater. But her empathy for her son and other youth players playing hockey is now tenfold. 

Cara is also a radio personality in Chicago. Catch her afternoons 2p-7p on The New SHE 100.3 (you can listen online here or download the SHE app). She's much better on the radio than she is on the ice.